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Plan your pride extravaganza

How to hit the best pride parties in one trip!

Europe is home to some of best gay pride parties in the world. There’s really nothing like a pride party; they’re the most colourful events around and a great way to celebrate the LGBTI community. Follow our route through all the best pride parades in Europe with your Interrail Pass in hand, and hold on to that feeling of freedom, love, and non-stop partying!


Barcelona, Spain // 28–30 June


Start your pride extravaganza in the beautiful city of Barcelona! The party kicks off on the evening of the 28th June with an array of performances from DJs and artists. From the 29th, Barcelona Pride is in full swing with day activities such as Zumba and high heel races, with special guests through the night. This year, 2014 Eurovision winner Conchita will also be making a special appearance. The streets fill with Pride when the official parade begins on the 30th along the Av. Paral·lel, with a special focus on LGBTI refugees. After this special parade, the after party continues into the night.



From Barcelona Sants you can use your Interrail Pass to hop on the train to Madrid-Puerta de Atocha, which will take just under 3 hours.


Madrid, Spain // 3–7 July


Madrid Pride is one for the books; it’s the biggest pride event in Europe, held in one of the continent's most gay-friendly cities. If you happen to arrive earlier than the 3rd July, pride festivities begin around the end of June, but We Pride Festival is the one you shouldn't miss! Get ready for 7 huge parties over 5 days, including indoor and outdoor locations, featuring huge DJs and big brands from the gay community. Expect extravagant performances, crazy beats and a whole lot of dancing.




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From Madrid-Puerta de Atocha, you should start heading to Berlin Central. Although this is doable by train, it is a longer trip and is worth making some pit stops along the way. Your Interrail Pass will cover most routes, so you can be flexible with your journey!


Toulouse, France & Luxembourg


From when the celebrations in Madrid end, you have about 14 days to get to Berlin, but there are fun stops you can make along the way! Toulouse, known as the Ville Rose or Pink City due to it’s faded red buildings and open arms to the gay community, is a perfect city stop to keep the pride vibes flowing. It's also home to some of France’s biggest and best gay clubs. If you’re right on time, Luxembourg hosts their annual pride parade, GAYMAT, on the 14th of July which will be full of fun, colour and glitter.




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Use your Interrail Pass to travel from Luxembourg Central to Berlin Central. This trip is approximately 8 hours and will give you some time to relax before your next epic pride event begins.


Berlin, Germany // 27 July


This spectacular day, known as Christopher Street Day, is made up of two huge events. The first is the Berlin Pride march which begins at Kurfürstendamm. This march ends at the iconic Brandenburg Tor, where the event's grand finale takes place. The day is full of good vibes, music and entertainment but, in true Berlin style, still aims to bring attention to political and social issues. If you feel like getting the most out of this unique city and its love for the LGBTI community, two weeks leading up to CSD, Berlin hosts over 200 pride parties all over.


From Berlin Central jump on the next train to Amsterdam Central, where the big finale of this legendary pride tour is about to get started.


Amsterdam, Netherlands // 27 July–4 August


Hopefully you have some energy left because this final stop will be the crème de la crème of pride events! Amsterdam, known as the gay capital of Europe, keeps the party going for 7 days full of craziness. The PrideWalk kicks off on the 27th in Westermarkt and leads people to the famous Vondel Park, where Pride Park at the Open Air Theatre takes place. This is the place to embrace love, happiness and all the rainbow. On the 30th, the party heads to the beach of Zandvoort; the perfect place for sun, sea, and celebration. The main event of Amsterdam Pride, and the grand finale of this pride tour, is the one and only Canal Pride. The city’s canals turn into a spectacular show of colour, pure joy and non-stop partying.




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With your Interrail Pass you can easily take a train from Berlin Central to another destination, or you can start the journey home.


The perfect Pass for this pride extravaganza is the Interrail Global Pass valid for 7 days in 1 month. It will cover you for this trip and give you some extra flexibility on your route. The beauty of an Interrail Pass is that it gives you the freedom to travel when and where you want, so use these extra travel days to make some fun stops along the way!