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Return Policy

Refunds and exchanges

Refunds and exchanges for standard, non-promotional Rail Passes purchased on this website can be granted if they are returned to us unused and before the first day of validity. Partially used Passes or Passes returned to us on or after the first day of validity are non-refundable and non-exchangable. In the case of Reservation Tickets, refunds are always subject to the policy of the relevant Railway Company.


Please read the information below to learn more.

Refund for your Interrail Pass

When you’ve purchased your Pass on this website, there are usually two instances in which you’re eligible for a refund:


1.    You return your Pass to us unused and BEFORE the first day of validity, which is the start date you chose during the order process. You’ll get an 85% refund on your Pass, while 15% is retained as cancellation charges. The refund is based only on the costs of your Pass, excluding costs for shipping and Pass Protection.

2.    Your Pass wasn’t delivered to you on or before the estimated delivery time with DHL shipping & tracking. If this is proven to us, you’ll get a 100% refund upon return of your Pass to the address shown during the refund request in your Interrail account, including  costs for shipping and Pass Protection.


You can’t get a refund for a Pass that was lost or stolen, unless you have purchased Pass Protection in advance. When you file your claim with us for loss or theft, we will ask you to provide documents such as a replacement Pass or tickets and a police report.


A refund for a Pass returned to us on or after the first day of validity requires the Pass to be marked ‘NOT USED’ by railway personnel BEFORE the first day of validity, with a signature and a dated stamp of the station / ticket office. You need to send us your Pass within 1 month after the last day of Pass validity.


We are not able to renew your Pass or issue a duplicate Pass for you. If you want to change your Pass validity or other details on your Pass, you have to apply for an exchange. How to exchange an Interrail Pass is explained below. 


Please note that Promotional Passes are not eligible for a refund or exchange!

How to apply for a refund

1.       Log into your Interail account at the top right of your screen. You can then request a refund by clicking on 'VIEW DETAILS' and continue via the button 'GO' in the Cancellations and Refunds box.

2.       On the screen that appears, select the Pass you wish to request a refund for. Give a reason why you're requesting a refund and click the button ‘Get return number’.

3.       Send your Pass back to us, and clearly write the return number and the provided address on the package. Please use registered shipping.

4.       Once we have received the unused Pass(es), the money will be refunded to the credit card or other payment method that you originally used for the purchase.

How to exchange your Interrail Pass

Have your travel plans changed? We can exchange your Interrail Pass(es) for another type of Interrail Pass or e.g. for a Pass with a different validity period. You will only pay an exchange fee of €15 per Interrail Pass. Shipping and Pass Protections costs are non-refundable.

How to apply for an exchange:

  1. Order a new Interrail Pass through

  2. Follow the return instructions provided above under ‘How to apply for a refund’ and send your old Pass back to us.

  3. Please contact our order support team by email via, and make sure to include your return number and your old and new Interrail order numbers.

  4. Once we receive the unused Interrail Pass(es) back, we will process a 100% refund minus the €15 exchange fee per Interrail Pass. The refund is based only on the value of your Pass and excludes costs for Shipping and Pass Protection.

Refund for your Reservation tickets

When you purchased a Reservation Ticket through this website, the refund policy of the relevant Railway Company applies. You can find the applicable refund policies on the Railway Company websites or in Appendix 1 of our Booking Conditions. Please be aware that most reservation tickets are non-refundable and no changes can be made after booking.


If you booked your Reservation Ticket through our Self-Service, you can request for a refund via the Reservations Overview in your personal Interrail account. Click on the trash bin icon next to your train, and our system will tell you if your train is refundable. After you accept the refund conditions, you can go ahead and cancel the reservation. Make sure to file your request before departure of the train concerned. A cancelled Reservation Ticket can never be reinstated, and becomes invalid.


If you booked your Reservation Ticket through our Reservation Service agents, you need to send your refund request to at least 48 hours before the train’s departure. Our agents only process refund requests of Reservation Tickets with a value of more than € 25 per person, not including the booking fee. All refund requests are handled during business hours (Monday to Friday, 8.30-17.00 CET). A cancelled Reservation Ticket can never be reinstated, and becomes invalid.


If you booked a physical (paper) Reservation Ticket, you need to return it to us within 1 month after the departure of the train. Costs and the risk of loss are for the customer, so we advise you to use registered shipping to send the Reservation Ticket back to us. 


If your refund request is accepted, the amount will be refunded using your original payment method, once the physical ticket is returned to us. The amount of refund may vary per train type. Booking fees or Shipping costs are never refunded.