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Hey Winter!

Winter, we haven't forgotten you! We love how pretty darn beautiful you are every time you arrive in Europe. You tempt out the bravest travellers, inspire festive events throughout the continent and offer us plenty of fun activities involving fresh, crunchy snow. Here are all the top things we (Interrailers) can't wait to experience this winter.

Top 5 winter destinations


Looking for the ultimate winter experience? Don’t miss out on these 5 countries. Amazing winter sports opportunities, festive markets and mugs of hot chocolate are waiting for you.


Sitting, waiting, wishing.. pic by @dennisschmelz

We <3 Scandinavia


Scandinavia is home to some beautiful countries that get even more fairytale-like when winter arrives. Take a look at our amazing Scandinavia itineraries.

Amazing Norway



Snow shot by @_sarae_


Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Every train ride through its amazing scenery is a wondrous adventure in itself.

See fjords and high mountains

Finland in winter



Winter wondershot by @princed93


Finland is always a beautiful country to explore with Interrail, but it takes on a whole new feeling when winter sets in.

Go sledding with Huskies

Snowy Sweden


Stockholm snapped by @goncaloesteves


See mountains covered in snow, reindeers crossing frozen lakes and the night sky ablaze with the colours of the Northern Lights


 Enter the snowy forest

10 tips for winter rail travel


Winter rail travel can be a magical experience, especially if you pick the right time and destinations to explore. Here are our top 10 tips to help you get the most out of your Interrail adventure this winter.


Flam Railway (Norway) pic by @ilce.smiley

Have an unforgettable night in an Igloo

Don’t miss these epic train rides


Travelling through Europe by rail in winter is a memorable experience in itself, but some train routes are simply breathtaking. Try not to miss them when you are planning your trip.

Glacier express


Passing 91 tunnels and crossing 291 bridges, the famous Glacier Express is a panoramic trip through the Swiss Alps that you won't forget.

Santa Express


The Finnish double-decker night train, known as the Santa Claus Express, travels from Helsinki to snow-covered Lapland in the north.

SJ night train


The Swedish rail company SJ offers one of the most modern night train services in Europe, with a variety of sleeping facilities to suit all needs.

New Year's Eve


If you're planning an Interrail trip in Europe at the end of December, you'll want to choose a memorable place to welcome in the New Year. Which of these cities will it be?

Choose a place to party

Xmas markets


Travel to the heart of Germany's famous Christmas markets with an Interrail Germany Pass. You'll feel like you've stepped into scenes straight out of a Christmas card!

 Let's go shopping