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Best 1 week rail trips

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One week in Europe might not sound like a lot, but if that’s all you have available then an Interrail Pass is your best bet. Not only will an Interrail pass get you between some of the continent’s best cities safely and efficiently, but it’ll also make traveling between famous cities part of the adventure. These are some of the best seven day rail trips to consider in Europe.

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The Routes

Bordeaux - San Sebastian - Barcelona - Madrid


A wine and gastronomical rail treat between France and Spain.


Suggested Rail Pass: Interrail Global Pass

Travel days needed: 3 days within 1 month

Countries: France and Spain

Train Itinerary:

Bordeaux - San Sebastian (3hrs 14mins)

San Sebastian - Barcelona (5hrs 52 mins)

Barcelona - Madrid (2hrs 45 mins)

Exploring three of Spain’s top cities, along with the wine region of Bordeaux, is the perfect way to satisfy your tastebuds and cultural curiosities. Bordeaux’s wine needs little introduction, and its nearby urban centre has seen a reinvigoration in recent years to make it an ideal starting point. San Sebastian may have a superb beach and towering mountains, but it’s the city’s pintxos - tapas-style snacks typically eaten in bars - that capture the hearts of most visitors. Barcelona and Madrid are Spain’s two biggest cities - and arch rivals - and the only way to decide which one is for you is to visit them both.

Prague - Vienna - Bratislava - Budapest

Budapest sm res

Four famous European capitals all within reach by train


Suggested Rail Pass: Interrail Global Pass

Travel days needed: 3 days within 1 month

Countries: Czechia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary

Train Itinerary:

Prague - Vienna (3hrs 58mins)

Vienna - Bratislava (1hr 6mins)

Bratislava - Budapest (2hr 26 mins)


This route is one of Europe’s most popular, for good reason. It connects you to four distinct European capitals with minimal travel times. Although the longest rail journey is just four hours, you’ll be able to go from drinking the finest beer in Czechia with views of Charles Bridge, through to finally seeing the famous Hungarian Parliament Buildings in person. In between, you’ll have one of Europe’s cultural icons, Vienna, to wander, and some time to explore one of the region’s often overlooked capitals, Bratislava.


Rome - Florence - Vevey - Lucerne


Europe’s most scenic rail trips, with a dose of Italian culture


Suggested Rail Pass: Interrail Global Pass

Travel days needed: 3 days within 1 month

Countries: Italy, Switzerland

Train Itinerary:

Rome - Florence (1hr 31mins)

Florence - Vevey (6hrs)

Vevey - Lucerne (Via Zweisimmen) (5hrs 52mins)


If your primary objective is to travel along some of Europe’s most scenic rail routes, then this journey from Rome to Lucerne is the perfect option. Not only does it offer you the culinary and cultural delights of two of Italy’s most famous cities, but it also takes you through some of the most dramatic Swiss scenery. Plan your trip between Vevey and Lucerne along the incredible GoldenPass Line by connecting at Zweisimmen, and you’ll have travelled on one of the most dramatic railway routes in the world.


Vienna - Ljubljana - Zagreb - Split

Vienna sm

Travel from cultural marvels to historic beach towns by train


Suggested Rail Pass: Interrail Global Pass

Travel days needed: 3 days within 1 month

Countries: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia

Train Itinerary:

Vienna - Ljubljana (6hrs 10mins)

Ljubljana - Zagreb (2hrs 15mins)

Zagreb - Split (6hrs 1min)


This rail route from Vienna to Split will take you from one of the continent’s most dazzling cities, to one of her most relaxed. Along the way, you’ll travel on the scenic route to Ljubljana, where you can bask in the treasures of the Slovenian capital and her nearby attractions. The journey continues onwards to Zagreb, Croatia’s famous inland capital, before traveling on a long day trip - or a night train - to the country’s glistening coastline.


Copenhagen - Stockholm - Oslo - Bergen


The very best of Scandinavia


Suggested Rail Pass: Interrail Global Pass

Travel days needed: 3 days within 1 month

Countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway

Train Itinerary:

Copenhagen - Stockholm (5hrs 13mins)

Stockholm - Oslo (6hrs 16mins)

Oslo - Bergen (6hrs 32min)


The distances between key Scandinavian cities are vast, but when you’re on board a pristine train, and the scenery is as remarkable as it is, a few hours gawking out the window will feel like a treat. This jam-packed one-week Scandinavian rail itinerary serves up the best of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and includes the option to take a ride along the legendary Flåm Railway - one of Europe’s most scenic.



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